At, our experienced Clinical Director and former UK GIM & Geriatrics Training Programme Director would be delighted to have a career discussion with you. We can explore what a rewarding consultant or GP career would look like for you in the Republic of Ireland. On completing your training, your acquired expertise can help build and deliver a Universal Healthcare model that mirrors the NHS system.  We can help put you in prime position to be successfully appointed to a substantive consultant or GP post when this point in your career arrives.

We recognise that trainees have invested considerable resources in both their undergraduate and postgraduate training years. The superior remuneration and wider rewards package offered to trained senior doctors in the Republic of Ireland acknowledges this and rewards the many sacrifices that trainees have made throughout their training.

Starting consultant salaries, more than double that which are available in the United Kingdom, offer trainees the opportunity to achieve the many aspirations they have worked so hard for. These can be met whilst continuing to live and work on the islands of Great Britain and Ireland with mainland GB within fast and easy reach. Many doctors also dream of a “FIRE” career. Financial independence and Retiring Early. This is also a very achievable aspiration with a senior medical career in the Republic of Ireland.  The Republic of Ireland health service particularly welcomes trained doctors who have chosen to spend some time training and learning abroad. So when you decide to come home and settle down in your forever post, why not consider the improved opportunities and rewards that living and working in the Republic of Ireland can offer you? Register with us anytime you are ready to discuss your plans. In the meantime, wishing you the very best of luck, fun and success with your training.